There are numerous causes of back pain, so it is not advised to do self-diagnosis. To receive the right remedy, seek out a chiropractor or doctor. The most frequent reasons for back and waist problems is arthritis. The symptoms of back pain from arthritis include back pain which is typically more painful upon waking, and diminishes during the course of the day. The stiffness causes muscle spasms, pain and a burning feeling in the thighs, and the pain can be felt through the legs. The treatment for arthritis pain lower back can be found in prescription and non-prescription painkillers. The treatment also includes changes in diet and exercises in order lose weight and reduce inflammation. It also means quitting smoking cigarettes, and cutting back on alcohol. It’s possible to perform moderate exercise like golfing, swimming, or yoga. Many people also find relief using complementary or alternative therapies like acupuncture and adjustments to the spine. Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles in specific places. The needles can then be moved either by hand or stimulated using tiny amounts of electricity. Adjustments by a chiropractor help ease the backache and help improve mobility. 2auynt49fy.