It’s crucial that pet owners consider the nutritional needs of their pet. This is a wonderful trend which will help ensure that your pets live longer, have happier life spans and live healthier. Of course, nutrition is an intricate issue and we need the help of highly skilled and knowledgeable experts like those in the Drake Center for Veterinary Care.

They have put together this fabulous video for their YouTube channel to help us answer our questions. It features Doctor. Kathy Boehme discussing canine nutrition, as well as the things your dog requires while out on the roads.

Transferring your pet’s food

It’s not difficult to become a victim to poor quality products when we’re on the road for long lengths of time. Similar is the case with the meals we serve our pets. The best way to avoid the temptations of fuel-station food items and fast food is to pack quality food for the trip.

We can do this with containers, coolers as well as smart cooking methods. It’s even easier to offer healthy and nutritious meals to our pet when they are on the move. High quality dog food is long-lasting and can be easily transported. Make sure to pack enough food to feed both of you. For additional information, you can also tune on Drake Center for Veterinary Care for additional tips.