Once you’ve decided which type of entity that you’d like to register, it is time to begin the process of registration for tax. This applies to both the federal and state taxes. In order to register, you will need an EIN, which can be obtained for free through the IRS site. Additionally, you may mail or fax in an application. It is worth mentioning that some states can have varying specifics in relation to business taxes, and if you’re not sure the requirements to submit or establish, you should always use an expert tax advisor rather than guessing the details, which could lead to many problems in the future. 3. Connections Once you’ve completed everything legal done then you might want to look into local connections. It’s possible to connect with local shops for components you require without having travel further. It can be a great way to get things like local automotive electronics if you offer electrical repair such as tires, oil or lubricants, as well as other necessities, sometimes with a discounted price if you buy bulk, or set agreements with the store. Local auto repair shops might be able order parts including a voltage controller or brake controller for customers who don’t currently have them in stock. You can offer services you might not need often and not have to fret about getting them from foreign suppliers. There is a chance to expand your client base by building relations with local car parts stores. This is especially so in the event that they are advertising and you get recommended to clients. This could help boost the visibility of your business and also bring new customers. Some auto stores have begun to make connections with 3D printing businesses to get tools and even certain car parts that are 3D printed. While this is still very fresh, if there is a a 3D printing company in your area, it might be worth a look