Have you ever run across a website that you wish you could visit again in the future? There is a feature on a web browser that allows you to save the URL of a favorite website or blog and use it at a later date. This feature is known as a bookmark and it can be found on browsers ranging from Google Chrome to Firefox and Internet Explorer.

A bookmark in Chrome or some other web browser is the virtual equivalent of a physical bookmark. It saves the exact URL of the page that you are on and allows you to pull that exact page up sometime in the future.

Placing a bookmark in Chrome or other browser is easy. All it takes is a simple click of the mouse and the page is saved. The ability to save bookmarks with a simple click of the mouse can save you time and energy, as you no longer have to search for a favorite website or blog URL again.

Retrieving a list of saved bookmarks is just as easy. When you wish to see the URL or collection of bookmarks on Google Chrome, all you have to do is click the show bookmarks tab and they become visible.

In addition to the ability to save a URL, the bookmark in Chrome feature allows you to organize your favorite websites. All bookmarks on Google Chrome can be grouped into similar categories. This allows you to create separate bookmark Google groups for each set of bookmarks. For example, you can group recipes, news sites, game sites, and other sites all into their own category. This bookmark in Chrome sorting ability allows people to stay organized and keep favorite websites together.

Never miss out on a favorite website or blog again because you can’t remember the URL of the page. Use the bookmark in Chrome feature to save the URL of a page for future reference. These bookmarks Chrome feature will make it easy to reference any website with just a simple click of the mouse.