When you save bookmarks, what browser do you use to do so? The three giants are Google, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer, so it must be one of those. Did you know that, even if you do use Mozilla or Internet Explorer, you can still utilize the Google bookmarks toolbar if you like the way it works?

  • Google Chrome Bookmark Bar
  • The Chrome web browser, or Google bookmarks toolbar in another web browser, makes bookmarking quick and simple. You have two options when considering the bar. The first choice is to have your browser running without the bookmarks toolbar being visible. I can’t imagine why anyone would want this, but it is an option. When this is the setting, all you need to do is click the little star to the far right of the URL box, and the current site you are on gets added to your bookmarks.

    The other choice, when you go into your options and choose for your bookmarks bar to remain visible, is just as simple. All you need to do, when you’re on the site that you want bookmarked, is grab the little icon in the far left of the URL box, and drag it down right under that address bar, onto the toolbar itself. The icon is usually a little, white blank page, sometimes a little lock, or a customized icon if the site has designed one. Once you have that icon over the toolbar, all you need to do is release the mouse, and it creates a bookmark for you.

  • Mozilla Bookmark Bar
  • The Mozilla bar procedure is actually nearly identical to the Google bookmarks toolbar. In some ways I like this one better, though, because I think that the Mozilla bar is more aesthetically pleasing. Mozilla lets you choose a theme for your browser, and it shows up across the entire browser, including your toolbars. I know this is a simple difference, but it is something that Chrome does not do, Chrome’s does not affect the toolbars, and it really is a nice touch.

  • Internet Explorer Bookmark Bar
  • One of the features that I like best about Internet Explorer’s bookmark bar is that, to the far left of the bar, there is the “Favorites” button. Why would you need a favorites button on the favorites bar, you ask? This is a nice feature because it allows you to open your whole set of bookmarks in a sidebar for easier manipulation. Plus it has a tab for your browsing history, for easy access.

Regardless of your browser of choice, you should be making your life easier by using some form of bookmarking. If you are not, you are absolutely missing out. You are wasting too much time on searching through your history or retyping URLs. The sooner you start bookmarking, the sooner you can start doing other things with all of that saved time.