When you are conducting research or just aimlessly browsing the web, you often come across a website that you wish to visit again at a later date. Of course, you could write the URL to the website down, but you’ll probably end up with hundreds of scrapes of paper on your desk. Luckily, there is a feature known as save bookmarks that allows people to save the URLs of websites they wish to visit again at a later date.

Most web browsers have a bookmark this page feature that allows you to save the URL in the browse. When you save a bookmark in Chrome or other web browser, all it takes is one click of the mouse and you have direct access to all the URLs that you have saved. Using the save bookmarks feature saves you time by keeping favorite websites and frequently used pages on hand.

People who use the save bookmarks feature on a web browser often have a habit of saving hundreds of website URLs. The hundreds of website URLs can often become jumbled and unorganized, which is why there are several features in My Google bookmarks and Mozilla bookmarks that allow you to organize the URLs you save.

These save bookmarks features allow you to create several folders and subsections that can be used to organize all the bookmarks you keep on a web browser. For example, you could group all URLs related to favorite recipes into one section while grouping URLs for school research in another section. These save bookmarks features help keep everything organized and easy to use.

Enjoy using the save bookmarks feature on your web browser and you will notice that you have a lot more time to browse the Internet. Who knows you just might find another dozen or so websites to add to your Firefox or Chrome bookmark collection.