In the course of searching the web, it is inevitable that you will find a great website or phenomenally insightful article that yo want to revisit, either because you expect updated content soon or because you simply do not have time to give it your full attention at the moment. You can bookmark this page, and save bookmarks for later use.

If you are a Google user, particularly one who is on the go often, you may find that utilizing Gmail bookmarks is the most convenient way to access your saved web pages. The reason that this method is so efficient is because once you log into your Gmail account, it will show bookmarks you have saved no matter what web browser you initially used to bookmark the page.

For example, provided that you have logged into your Gmail account, you can save bookmarks on Google Chrome on Monday, and then access those same pages through Firefox on Tuesday. Gmail bookmarks can be especially useful in this way if you use multiple computers and devices during the course of a week. If you were writing a college paper in the Mac lab at school, which exclusively uses Safari, you could then easily access a bookmark you had saved during that session on your Chromebook later that evening at home.

If you have any questions or tips on how to best use Gmail bookmarks, be sure to check out the comments section below.