the company’s carelessness, for example, failure to secure shingles or the inability to secure some roof shingles. The issues covered are those that result from an insurance policy. This warranty will only be valid only if the roof has been fitted by a registered roofer.
Call Your Home Insurance Company

It is advisable to contact your homeowner’s insurance company if you’re unsure what you should do in the event that you have a roof leak. If there’s substantial damages to your home you must ensure to get in touch with the insurance provider. It could pay any additional expenses not that are covered by the roof guarantee.

They might need to send somebody out to examine the damage and probably need photos. The insurance company’s liability coverage will cover the cost of repairs if they were the roofing contractors at fault.

Beware of Delaying Repairs

In deciding what you should do if you have a roof leak, waiting until at the very last minute for repairs to be addressed shouldn’t be a choice. You might have to wait more time to have repairs made when the leak occurs in the summer or spring. This time of the year is when roofing firms are at their peak.

Ask local roofers to tightly fasten a cover over the affected area , to prevent water infiltration if you’re required to wait some time for repairs. After the contractor has completed repairs, be sure to take photographs. If the problem recurs in a non-standard manner then you are entitled to claim the warranty by proving the case.

The Most Common Reasons for leaky roof flashings

The roof’s flashing guards the intersections of opposing roof surface. If not taken care of, the sealant that connects the valleys of your roof is susceptible to leaks. Find any cracks in your roof’s flashing that allow water through and create water leaks.


Check to see if the places that have been caulked on the roof contain a sturdy strip of material in order to keep moisture out so that you do not have to wonder what to do should you experience a roof leak at some point in the future.

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