If you regularly use Google Chrome or you have it set as your default browser, try out a Google Chrome bookmark. You can shave several minutes off of each of your online visits, particularly if most of your time online is spent on the same 10 or 15 websites. By bookmarking them using an authorized Google Chrome bookmark, you just need to click bookmark this page when you get the chance and you will never need to plug in that web address again.

Some web addresses are short and others are quite long, so having a Google Chrome bookmark will make the length of these addresses irrelevant. It additionally will reduce any errors in typing that may occur as you type in the addresses of these websites each and every time you go online to visit these sites. You save bookmarks automatically or with the click of just a few buttons, and you receive instant access to the websites you visit the most.

Using a Google Chrome bookmark bar takes this process a step further. After you have initialized the websites you wish to be bookmarked, these sites will appear on a bar somewhere on your Google Chrome screen. Then, you just click on the icons that are listed wherever they are. They are in plain sight and very simple to get to, so you eliminate the hassle of using a drop down menu. Instead, everything is right there for you on the Google bookmarks toolbar.

By using a Google Chrome bookmark tool, you also have the unique chance to export Google bookmarks to other computers should this become necessary. Maybe you have a computer at your office and another at home, and you hope to have access to the same bookmarks in both places. By using a Google Chrome bookmark tool, you never need to retype web addresses or URLs. Instead, it is done just one time, and then the bookmarks are exported to your other computer. It truly does not get any simpler than that.

All you have to remember here is that the Google Chrome bookmark tool that you choose should have some association with Google. Ideally it will be run by the company, but as long as it is compatible with Google you should be OK. If the bookmarking tool does not pan out like you thought it would, uninstall it and search for others until the perfect bookmarking tool is found.