as they were in the past. But, thousands of fatal incidents still happen every year. It can happen due to a number of factors. Maybe a vehicle didn’t have proper brake maintenance. A lot of vehicles have had to stop at an red light. This can happen in any time. To protect your family and yourself, it is important to stay aware of your surroundings, maintain your vehicle, and then purchase a safer vehicle. There is a fact that certain vehicles are much safer than other models. The safety rating system which is able to range from one to five stars shows this. Safety ratings are crucial.

In the beginning, safety ratings are taken from simulation tests. The force that is exerted upon them by different types of crashes. The safety rating then determined using the measurement. However, it is an ineffective method. The reason is that the crash dummy is based on the assumption that everyone’s bodies are similar. It is not true. It is the reason women are three times more likely than men to get hurt when they are involved in an accident. They’re also just 17% less likely suffer a fatal injury.