Rather than spend your time going through your notes to find out which website you last visited that captivated you, try using bookmarks on Google Chrome. If you use Google Chrome as your main web browser, using bookmarks on Google Chrome could cut down drastically on the time you spend looking up these URLs and typing them into your web browser window too. Get into the 21st century by understanding how to bookmark in Chrome and how to use the bookmarks Chrome makes available.

Usually, using bookmarks on Google Chrome is a very simple task, one that involves just a few simple steps. It helps, however, to actually get these steps explained to you if this will be the first time that you actually bookmark Google pages or any other URLs or websites. The instructions are extremely simple, but it still helps for you to get any questions answered that may be tripping you up. Usually, it will involve little more than finding the icon or message that says bookmark this page, but Google changes frequently and sometimes the instructions to export Google bookmarks or to use them in the first place can change. So look around on Google and Chrome to find these instructions.

Then play around with bookmarks on Google Chrome to familiarize yourself with everything. The more you mess with the stuff here, the more familiar it will feel to you. Then, before long, it will be nothing for you to use bookmarks on Google Chrome or on any other type of browser either. These browsers are all different somewhat in their structure, their font and their stylings, but they all have similar purposes in helping you to bookmark your pages. So once you get the hang of using bookmarks on Google Chrome you could easily find yourself playing around with bookmarks on other browsers that you commonly use.

However, if you just like Google Chrome you can stick to understanding using bookmarks on Google Chrome, which should satisfy your need to keep your URLs in one place and categorized. You get to put various bookmarks into folders, sort them alphabetically or based on topic, and store them in different places, including on other computers. There is so much useful stuff to learn here that you will end up being an expert on this subject after exploring how best to use these bookmarks for your own benefit.