The use of lankets is to safeguard you from severe and sudden weather events in emergency situations. An insulation blanket that is thermal should be part of your emergency supplies. This video shows a few of the most well-known blankets.
Go Time Gear Life-saving Thermal Blanket

This material is waterproof, light, compact, and reflects the majority of your body’s warmth. The paracord can be used to make a shelter and also as a source of tinder for fire. The survival whistle can be used to alert the rescuers. It’s composed of polyethylene.

Swiss Security Mylar Emergency Blanket

You can use it to cover the ground to create a shelter or the solar oven. You could keep up to 90% of your body heat in the unit. It’s also extremely well-colored for emergency teams. It is made of aluminized Mylar.

SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Emergency Blanket

It is durable, cost-effective and economical and ideal for outdoor survival for long time. It’s made from vacuum-metalized, polyethylene.

An insulation blanket that is thermal is perfect for mountain climbers, and just to keep in your emergency survival kit. They are all designed to keep heat in and stop temperatures from dropping. Pick one that meets the needs of your body best.