As an example, he uses the home of an Seattle resident as an illustration of what water damage could do to an entire house. This kind of damage is usually prevented with proper construction sealing and materials. Make sure you research good siding contractors when buying or building a home.

Don’t use White timber “spruce”. It’s not suitable for the damp climate in the Northwest.

Flashing can allow drainage to be installed. The video below explains the importance of flashing. The flashing here is no ideal. If the flashing is too high or too small rain water could enter the house.If the flashing does not have enough this can cause the water to go backward instead of draining correctly. In the end, the wooden panels get soaked by water.

If the siding isn’t properly installed, heat and sunlight can cause it to become warped.
These mistakes can cost thousands of dollars. The only solution is for you to repaint or reinstall your siding. So invest in the right siding company from the beginning. mhvltibjzv.