The ain drive mechanism is comprised of a loop of chain attached to the trolley and the door. A motor powers the chain which is lifted and the door opens. When you’re ready the garage door, simply press the remote control button. This sends power to a small solenoid on your opener’s board. When this solenoid is energized by electricity, releases an extension spring that allows the track of your trolley to go toward the top.
An electronic remote is required to open the garage door.

Do you have a garage door that isn’t being opened? Check first if the receiver is working properly using the Up and Down arrows on its keypad or using a different remote to close and open your door. It is necessary to change the batteries in the event that your remote is not working. When you replace the batteries make sure you check for broken wires that connect to the remote. If the remote has a wrist strap, remove it and check the wrist strap for damages. If your remote controls has any issues regarding the charger or battery circuit there’s a good chance that the garage door opener requires replacement.

The garage can be opened by unlocking all doors by pressing and holding your “lock” button on your opener’s keypad. Then you can determine if your opener works well with it.

If you’re still not getting a response from the remote, you can use an electronic door sensor to determine whether the issue lies with the sensor. If the test doesn’t succeed then check the door to check for any issues related to the tracks or hinges. Additionally, replace (and examine) the remote’s buttons if you are unable to fix the problem. If that isn’t working, you can check your connections to the remote opener.

If you don’t have any issues in your receiver, remote or door sensor, you could have a more serious problem with the garage door opener. The cause could be like an obstruction in its wiring or a heating issue. There is a way to fix it by yourself even if incapable of doing it.