trial. The bond is issued by a bail bondman or bail broker. It is necessary to pay an upfront fee and the amount won’t be at no cost. It’s a good idea to ask an agent for bail bonds to tell you the amount of the charge.

Why are bail bonds necessary? Let’s imagine that someone has been detained. The judge may set bail, which is the amount is due to the person being held in custody in order to be released from prison. The bail money acts as collateral. A bail bondman can be hired if the defendant is unable to afford full bail.

The defendant must appear at any court date while they are out on bail. If the defendant fails to appear to court on time and the bail bondsman is present, he could assign a bounty hunter to their client. The bounty hunter can be able to arrest the person to turn them over at the courthouse.

Ultimately, bail bonds help people secure freedom. It is a long process in court and without bail bond agents, many people would have to spend lengthy time in jail in the days before they even go to trial. Contact a bail bonds agent to assist you in a criminal case.