lamps. They are easy to find and are easy to operate. A T-bolt hose clamp may have to be ordered specifically and might be difficult to find though it’s certainly one of the most effective types of hose clamps that are available. They’re extremely durable and solid if this is what you need for your project.

You can use large hose clamps in various ways. A worm clamp can be tightened to provide about 20 to 30 inches of holding force. By using a T bolt hose clamp similar in size, you’ll receive about 80-inch-pounds of torque. Many sizes of T-bolt large clamps are able to provide as much than double the torque. The clamps with T-bolts provide a holding force that is much more likely to be free from leaks. This is one reason why they’re popular.

When looking for large clamps for your hose, take into consideration the strength needed, the size you will need, as well as when you’ll need the clamps. If you’re looking to purchase them right away then you might have little choice other than to purchase the worm clamp. If you’re waiting to order the clamp, it is possible to purchase a T-bolt version.